No Habla Espanol

You know that moment when two complete strangers start speaking in Spanish right in front of you? They make some wisecrack about something, or ask a question that neither knows the answer to…then BAM! You surprise them by speaking in Espanol to them with perfect fluidity?

Unfortunately, this has never happened to me. I’m the English speaker (basically an unimpressive one trick pony in these parts), who struggles to make out the words “perro” or “dia”, despite having taken a Spanish class sophomore year. But no more. Because this perro viejo is about to learn some new tricks.

In an episode of the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods, Andrew Zimmern meets up with a guide in Africa who taught himself English simply by reading American magazines. No text books, no Pimsleur’s approach. This inspired me. I fetched my English/Spanish Bible from the shelf and set to work.

This has been an immense blessing. Not only am I doubly motivated to read God’s Word, but remembering those memory verses in English isn’t so much of a chore anymore.

Psalms, or Salmos, 18:1-2 was my introduction to memorizing Spanish vocabulary.

Te amo, oh Jehova, fortaleza mia…”

The Spanish was brought to life.

So no more, no habla. Now I say say Hola to Espanol.