Why I’m Sympathetic Toward Angry Birds

Me. Birds. Birds and me. We have a sordid history together. Take, for example, the swan that gracefully came floating off the sea one day, a long time ago. Child-me watched this swan with eager eyes…until sea swan caught sight of me. I only have a vague impression of fear, a distant memory of sprinting up the shore, with this swan (that may as well have been twelve feet tall) in hot pursuit of three year old me, and my shouting father in hot pursuit of enraged sea swan.

Now that was an angry bird.

But despite a serious dislike of all water fowl, present-day-me has a healthy relationship with Rovio’s scowling, winged kamikazes. Angry BirdsĀ  is a challenging, brain stretching game that pits your tiny bird army against smug little piggy heads. And having been sneered at by these pigs, there’s no question as to why these birds are so upset.

Those pigs have the nerve to come onto what’s obviously bird territory, set up tiny fortresses with Jenga blocks, ice cubes and rocks, and laugh as the feather’s fly???!!

Having just found Angry Birds for free onĀ  Facebook, the war of fowl against swine has come full circle. With me at the helm of the slingshot, piggy fortress going down. Come join the fight!

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