The Unresolved Resolutions of 2011

This time last year, I was sitting on a couch, brooding over the resolutions that never quite got a check mark beside them, when the ghost of New Years Past paid me a visit. He told me that it was alright–make those resolutions stick for 2011, and you’ll be set. No regret necessary. But now, sitting at a computer on this day, exactly a year later, I look over the last 365 days and reminisce on these same resolutions…you know, the forgotten ones that get stuffed in the closet with the skeleton.

One of these resolutions was to set school as my numero uno. Instead, it took a back seat to my book, friends, and family–which, although not a despicable act, really set my teeth on edge at times with stress. My grades didn’t suffer too much by it, but my pride did.

Having fallen from my high horse of security, my thoughts turned to some successes.

A resolution that came true was to clean the tornado impact zone of the house–my room. Have you ever seen Hoarders? Tone the people on that show down by about 90% and you can envision me, throwing stuff I don’t really need into boxes that just end up hiding my bed, clogging the way to the closet, and overflowing out from underneath the mattress. Ah, but I’m proud to say that, yes! The room did get organized. You can now walk in it and find all my stuff. And yes! I really grew as a person from the experience of giving some of my old stuff away.

All in all, I’d say 2011 was a great year. I’ve taken major steps into deciding what I’d like to do with my life…the person I’d like to be, the milestones I’d like to hit, the tours I’d like to conduct as a park ranger, the screenplays I’d like to write for Hollywood (can you imagine a clean movie that actually captivates?!). Looking ahead on the road of life, I can see everything I dream of doing, the notches I’ve tightened in the belt of success, and all that still remains in the unfinished bin. The openness of it all…I’ve never felt so free.

But, you know? Those old, dusty resolutions don’t look so bad with a little spit and polish. So here’s my new resolution;  instead of just setting a single goal that means MASSIVE change,  I’m going to set a few monthly goals instead, so that I’ll build up to the change that needs to happen. That way, on this day next year, I might just compose a much different blog post–all the things I accomplished in 2012.

Here’s to you, readers! May you have the most excellent, fulfilling year imaginable.

In honor of the New Year’s Day Star Wars marathon, let’s throw it back to Yoda for the mantra of 2012—

“Do or do not…there is no try.”

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