O Readers, readers…where for art thou, readers?

Hi. You’re reading my blog. Let me be the first (and only one) to shake your hand, slap you on the back, and invite you back for more. Because I need you. That’s right, I said it–I’m not trying to be clingy, and I won’t tie you down like your last boyfriend/girlfriend. If you want to go out with your friends, this blogger won’t be stopping you. But I will try to tempt you with humorous post titles, (well, I think they’re funny!), random information, and “quippy” lines.

So here is your completely informal invitation. I invite you to click the “follow” button at the very bottom of the page, (or at the top :p) sign up with your email, and click back often.

Together, we could rule the world. Okay, maybe not. But we could still make a great team–I write the posts, you read them. We’ll be a poetic tag-team.

And feel free to post your own URLs in my comments! Maybe we can both get some new traffic running.

Oh, yeah—being a total geek, I googled these awesome sites. They contain great information on getting your blog out there…wherever “there” may be.




2 thoughts on “O Readers, readers…where for art thou, readers?

  1. Thank you for finally confirming that i am a geek and not a nerd. I personally liked the Jack-haiku post, as i am completely in love with him. Thanks for posting!

  2. At least if you randomly become controlling, I have it in writing that you promised not to… so I will be holding you to that btw… lol
    Looks good 🙂 I will follow you for sures!

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