Dying for Skyrim

I can still think back on my infantile days, when Mom would play Wolfenstein on her old PC with me on her lap. As I grew older, my uncle gave me my first original Playstation game–Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. I crushed all my friends, learned how to do a victory dance, and settled permanently into my gaming career.

But no video game truly sucked me into its world until I was introduced to Morrowind for Xbox. With me at the controller helm, Stach the Argonian nobody became Stach the fleet of foot, Stach the strong of arm, and Stach the epic at magic. I can even see that first Fighter’s Guild mission, where I killed all of those lady’s rats and stole all of her pillows. As the years stretched on, I left the still waters of childhood and traded in old xbox paraphernalia for the coveted Xbox 360. With each game came loads of precious memories–meeting hordes of Locusts with my chainsaw bladed assault rifle, bashing in zombie heads with shovels, experiencing parkour on the rooftops of Italy, drifting around oncoming traffic with exhilarating ease.

But as dear as those games are to me, no gaming company has ever been able to beat Bethesda when it comes to pleasing this gamer/blogger. The sheer massiveness of each world, the depth to the story lines, continually fascinate me. After playing Fallout 3 and its counterpart, New Vegas, I dropped down to one knee and declared my love aloud to both Bethesda and Todd Howard. So, needless to say, when word got out about Skyrim, this nose went sniffing for more details. (If you’re like me, the link below should satiate your RPG appetite).


My advice to you, eager gamers? Pour through every gamesradar, gamespot and IGN story about this game. Download the E3 release trailer and its mp3 to your iPods, search for new podcasts with people complaining abt horse armor, and load your MyPictures file with loads of geeky reptilian concept art. Cover your desktop, laptop and phone with wallpapers of orcs, Dark elves, and Khajiit. As for me, having done all these things several times over, I’ll just keep going through every article in each new Game Informer magazine, my thirst for Skyrim only whetted…which is to say, made intolerable and all consuming.

Between the more satisfying combat, the breathtaking world, and the limitless skirmishes with fiery beasts of yore, Skyrim should be enough to make me forget about my social life for at least three months. If 11/11/11 doesn’t get here soon, my head could very explode from all the pressure.

And seriously, people, who needs armored broncos when we’ve got DRAGONS?

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