The Qui-Gon Jinn Paradox

“Remember, your focus determines your reality.”

Qui-Gon Jinn. Whether  you love or hate him, he played a pivotal role in Darth Vader’s rise to evil, life-support-dependent geriatric. And why even write such an article? Because it’s a very real discussion…and I’ve always leaned toward caring about inconsequential movie strife. 😉

I admit, most of my love for the character comes from my geeky love for Liam Neeson. If you were to trace a line between some of the things I find cool, Neeson would be a connector. He helped save the world of Krull atop a fire mare, inspired my Fallout 3 character to selfless greatness, conducted a fear experiment on Catherine Zeta-Jones, made a certain list, wore a kilt, possesses certain skills that make him a nightmare for people “like you”, raised the child of Fantine, trained Bruce Wayne in the ways of the ninja, knighted an estranged son (and slapped him silly),  released a kraken, and will soon be fighting off wolves in Alaska. Plus, he’s Irish.

When word of the The Phantom Menace came out, fans were holding their breath. This was certainly Lucas’ Star Wars, but was it their beloved Star Wars? There would be no Han Solo, no Leia in her overly revealing slave outfit–would it tank?

This blogger doesn’t think it did. I heard once that the older generations prefer the old trilogy, while my generation prefers the new trilogy. If this is true, then I spit on my age group! (Metaphorically, of course.) I love all five equally, (that’s right, I just discounted the Clone Wars–Hayden Christensen totally bugs. The fight between Yoda and Dooku salvages the movie). The action is taut, with a pod-racing scene that makes you feel like you’re flying. Differing from A New Hope on, the light saber action is explosive–to quote George Lucas, the fights were no longer being done by “crippled half-man half-droids and young boys learning from old men.” In fact, cut out unnecessary Jar Jar Binx scenes and you’ve got something extremely entertaining.

But we’ve all seen the movie. I return to my beginning statements. Is Qui-Gon Jinn a worthy Jedi? Or is he just the man who began the fall of the Jedi, and got shamefully stabbed by a Sith with a circus clown make up complex?

Despite his seeming inability to “sense” trouble in the beginning of the film, and his failure to obtain Jedi mind control over Wato (who obviously was not weak minded enough for such a trick to work), I believe that Qui-Gon is the noblest of the Jedi featured in the films.  In a scene on Naboo by the lake that conceals Otoh Gunga, Qui-Gon gives his apprentice a heartfelt sentiment, telling Obi-Wan that he is a wiser man than his master. Obi-Wan goes on to survive the Jedi massacre, survive alone on Tatooine, and make sure that Luke gets the training he needs.

(Qui Gon worst Jedi ever by coldpizza1)

If Obi-Wan had not had Qui-Gon as a mentor, he may have lost hope in his isolation on the desert planet, had he not been able to commune with Jinn through the Force. Some even argue that had Qui-Gon Jinn survived, he may have kept Anakin from turning to the dark side, (seeing as he had already experienced betrayal from Xanatos)…but that’s an argument for another time.

But looking at concept art for the movie, one often will not find Jinn. One can see Obi-Wan facing the Trade Federation without his master by his side. According to the Special Features on my coveted DVD, the Jedi was added in later on.

Personally, I heart Jinn. Is he the most pivotal Jedi? Was it wisdom, or foolishness that fueled his determination for Anakin’s training? All I know is, without Qui-Gon Jinn, Star Wars wouldn’t quite be Star Wars.

All the same, the videos above and below have made me LOL. Pardon the expression.

If you’re searching for a more complimentary view of Qui-Gon Jinn, I suggest you join this awesome fan-site:

But let no one think that any movie in these six installments of heaven can be more loved by this blogger than The Empire Strikes Back. Who doesn’t love Luke’s face as he learns his of his dark parentage? I only wish Lucas would have filmed a scene found only in the original script, in which Vader feeds his unknown “pets” upon the Death Star.

Remember, kids–the Force will be with you. Always.

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