Nerd? Geek? Neek.

My evening began with creating this blog. But as I typed in possible URLs, a question began to form in my gray matter. Am I a geek…or am I a nerd? A little bit of Google searching helped me answer this quandary. It appears that, to be a geek, one must have obsessive interests, yet to be a nerd, one must have the same qualities as a geek but also must be socially awkward.

But is this the true test of one’s geeky/nerdy tendencies? We all know Steve Urkel was a nerd, but was he not a geek also? Do we really have to pick and choose what titles we want with our name? Am I not made a nerd by simply having the need to Google search and find out what category the world puts me under? Or is that just obsessive enough only to be geeky?

I’ve convinced myself. This needs further study.

A trait all nerds and geeks have in common is their love of pop culture. What city did Darkman become Darkman in? What year did the Who start making awesome music? How many hours of extra features am I buying with my new director’s cut version of my favorite movie? Our very souls cry out to know these things. We thirst for knowledge that most find pointless, nerdy even. But every nerd/geek will always have a home on a Trivial Pursuit team, will be welcomed into the Cash Cab with great thanksgiving, because there comes a point where we realize that we just know. There’s no point in explaining where you acquired all your knowledge, because once word gets out about what you are, there’s no turning back.

As for me, I’d like to coin a new term. Neek. That’s me. I wouldn’t say I’m on the level of Urkel, but I’m no James Bond either. But neek or not, I still like my URL…and the nerd train rolls on!

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